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  • Don't like pre-paying for long term treatment plans? Or are you scared "once I see a chiropractor, I have to always see one."
    • This is why scheduling is done on a per-visit basis, so if you improve in just 4 visits, you didn't pay/schedule for unnecessary further treatment.
  • Wish you got more than just an adjustment sometimes?
    • Clearly adjustments are fantastic for improving overall health, but there is so much more that can and should be done! This is why specialized movement patterns are performed, and musculature is addressed in each visit.
  • Do you want to feel heard, and convey your health situation?
    • Breaking the mold even further, patients are never double booked. This gives the provider the ability to focus on your concerns, and answer/provide information to further your understanding of how treatment can help.
  • Can I be seen for more than just low back or neck pain?
    • The combination of therapy and adjustments has been proven to help virtually every joint and muscle in the body. Dr. Nielsen has treated everything from TMJ disorder, to carpal tunnel, to plantar fasciitis, to a myriad of other disorders.

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